You do not realise the magnitude of what you have done for me

I have been looking forward to writing a review on plastic surgeon Mr Paul Tulley.

Let me start by saying a very big thank you to Mr Tulley from the bottom of my heart. Paul, you might not realise the magnitude of what you have done for me. I can never forget you for the rest of my life as you have put so much joy, confidence and high self-esteem in me.

After losing and keeping off 15kg in weight over nine years from exercising and having two children by Caesarean section, I had been carrying a huge amount of excess skin in my abdomen which has always made me sad and unconfident no matter what I wore. You have turned this around.

It will be nearly four weeks since I had my abdominoplasty and everything has gone extremely smoothly and the recovery is still ongoing.

I highly recommend Mr Paul Tulley for anyone looking for a first-class plastic surgeon.

I met Mr Paul Tulley in person four months before my surgery and I knew straight away he would be the one. He spoke to me with a lot of confidence in the job he does. He answered every question and gave me the best advice on what he would be doing.

I am still healing but 100% satisfied already.

My Paul Tulley pays attention to detail, is very caring and was extremely responsive when asked any questions.

I am yet to fully come to terms with my new body as he did an excellent job.

Paul, thank you so so much.

Ms AB, Cape Town