Aesthetically excellent with minimal scarring

When you notice the long list of impressive and hard-earned medical credentials following Mr Tulley’s name, you know you are in the hands of an extremely well trained and competent surgeon. He also possesses a skilled aesthetic eye and the talent to create beauty from ashes.

As a breast cancer survivor, I was referred for treatment of a difficult case of breast reconstruction following a cosmetically disfiguring series of radiotherapy and lumpectomy treatments to excise breast cancer.

With painstaking exactness and a great deal of time and effort, Mr Tulley proceeded to undertake numerous and time-consuming pre-surgical fittings to make sure that the new implants for reconstruction would be as perfectly fitted as possible to give the optimal cosmetic result. With meticulous surgical skill and expertise, Mr Tulley gave me outstanding and cosmetically excellent results.

During my surgery I was treated with great care, support and sensitivity to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

In essence, I owe much to Mr Tulley: with excellent surgical skill, talent and care, my original painful breast disfigurement has been transformed into a symmetrical, attractive, natural and cosmetically pleasing result. Aesthetically excellent with minimal scarring.

My recovery was quick and very comfortable. Again I owe much to this doctor for excellent surgical treatment and care resulting in my very positive and attractive surgical results, as well as my enhanced self-esteem, self-confidence and improved quality of life.

I say thank you, Mr Tulley!!!

Breast Reconstruction